Paladins: Champions of the Realm

Built in Unreal Engine 3, C++ & UnrealScript Hirez Studios

Reload 360 April 2016

A fast-paced arcade shooter that gives players 360-degree omni-vision and wall walking to help them track down and eliminate their opponents. Take control of a robot sentinel as you vie for control of one of three deep-space battle arenas!

Built in Unity 3D & C#

Steam Greenlight

Team Brostophalous

Troncano December 2014

Troncano is a 3D platformer where the player is able to push and pull themselves off of pieces of the environment to move around. Inside the volcano, players must navigate between platforms trying to collect gems and avoid falling into the lava.

Built in Unreal Engine 4 & Blueprints Visual Scripting

Jackie Cao Producer
Reilly Gray Artist
Jon Kenkel Lead Engineer
Earl Kirkland Technical Artist
Saurabh Kulkarni Engineer
Zach Lorenzen Engineer
Karthik Narayan Engineer
Drew Pariser Producer
Aditya Rajani Artist
Aqeel Tapia Engineer
Erik Willis Engineer

No Gamer Left Behind Screenshot Team Ostrich

No Gamer Left Behind November 2014

Control the video game community--all of the community--as you explore this dangerous platformer. Your goal: get as many community members to the end as you can, and maintain gender parity as you do so.

Prompted by PC Gamer's report that women now make up over 50% of pc gamers across all genres, No Gamer Left Behind is a fun game with the serious purpose of spreading this exciting news.

Built in Unity 2D & C#

Blake Harrison Producer and Level Designer
Jon Kenkel Lead Engineer
Erica Larson Technical Artist
Zach Lorenzen Engineer
Katherine Marsh Artist
Erik Willis Engineer
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Entropy Screenshot Team Tron

Entropy September 2014

Entropy is about the battle of order vs. chaos, and how order breeds chaos while trying to stop it. Varying from the original Missile Command, there are no cities to protect, only the single planet. The player can only fire the closest weapon to where they are aiming or rotate the planet. This leads to a variety of strategies for how to best go after all the incoming agents of chaos.

Based on the 1980 cult classic Missile Command.

Built in HTML5, JavaScript & Phaser

Paul Bills Producer
Daniel Blair Tech Art
Yash Kapani Engineer
Jon Kenkel Lead Engineer
Allen Stevenson Artist
Tzu-Ying (Diana) Wang Engineer
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Dias Screenshot Undergrad Dias Team

Dias May 2014

Dias is a fully 3D, multiplayer, competitive platformer. Players are split into teams, and they play in an arena composed of platforms. Each team is attempting to knock the opposing players off all the platforms and beyond the play area. Players are be able to customize how they play based on certain movement abilities and attack abilties.

Built in Unity 3D & C#

Jon Kenkel Engineer
Zach Lorenzen Engineer
Dr. Jason Shepherd Faculty Advisor
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Hello there! I'm Jon Kenkel, currently a gameplay/general programmer for Hi-Rez Studios.

Here are some of my favorite games (in no particular order):